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Londonfurs Summer Party

As you may or may not know, the Londonfurs Summer Party is being held on 30th July from 11am to 10pm at the Agenda Bar (Mincing Lane, London) and the theme is cowboys and indians:

The bar is much bigger than the usual place we hire, with a capacity of over 600. It has its own dedicated nightclub. We'll have two sets of DJs - one playing general music in the main bar and the other playing more clublike stuff in the nightclub. We've even got a half price drinks happy hour from 5-7pm, you lucky things.

It is all free entry to furs - just bring your ID and make sure you're over 18!

At the moment we're looking to see what events (if any) we'll be having that have prizes so watch this space.

One thing I can confirm is that we will be giving out prizes for the best theme costume. At the moment we'll be awarding best dressed male and best dressed female, with a runner up prize for each too. We may give a prize for best fursuit themed costume but we'll have to see.

Now in order to incentivise you buggers into making an effort the prizes are of a higher calibre than normal. In fact they hold true intrinsic value, they will appreciate in value, and they're furry themed too.

For the best dressed winners you shall each receive a 1/2oz Lydian Lion, and the runners up will receive a 1/4oz Lydian Lion

For those of you who don't know, a Lydian Lion is a replica of the first true coin ever minted around 600BC in what is now Turkey and directly preceeded Greek coinage. This is what they look like:

They're made of solid exchange and investment grade silver and, as they're portions of Troy Ounces, are directly tradable and valuable. Of course we hope you'd treasure them as the wonderful items they are

So, hopefully this will give you a kick up the bum to make an effort in the costume department!

Hope to see you all there!
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St Pauls Cathedral

It is my sad duty to inform you all that, until further notice, all fursuiting, furwalks and associated photography on the steps and plaza of St Pauls Cathedral (the area inside the bollards that includes the fountain) and any of the Cathedral grounds are banned by order of the Church.

Some of you may remember that during the furwalk at the last meet a rather officious German lady under the employ of the Church took offense at us having our photo taken on the steps. Well, after consultation with St Pauls we are no longer allowed in that area without prior agreement from the Church's Press Office, and this is extremely unlikely to be granted due to the potential disruption we may cause to weddings and baptisms being conducted at the time.

So, sorry people, but we must insist that from now on no fursuiter, tail-wearer or LF photographer enters the bollarded area.

Love thy neighbour and all that. Merry Christmas.
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Just a reminder - Londonfurs Summer Party is this Saturday!

Introducing our annual summer party; be part of the most delightful Hawaiian soirée this side Honolulu. Bigger and better than ever!

Grab your grass skirts, haul out your hawaiian shirts and get into the groove of our laid-back, luau vibe.

The party will be held on this Saturday 17th July 2010 from 12pm (noon) until 11pm. It will replace the usual LondonFur meet that day.

We have a new, larger venue especially for the party. The fabulous Wall Bar, Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HU ( )will host us for the full 11 hours.

Due to the fantastic generosity of our community we can afford to offer this evening free of charge! You will, of course, still have to pay for your own drinks and food!

For full details about this event, please take a moment to read through our event page (

We're working hard to make this event the highlight of your year.
Lots of love,

~Agrajag, Bariki, Bunni, Lupus, Miles and Miyabi.

Please note, due to contractual obligations with the venue this meet and party are for OVER 18s ONLY. Sorry!

Hope to see as many of you there as possible!

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Summer Party Collection On Saturday

Hello all,

We'll be running a collection for the Londonfurs Summer Party at the meet this weekend. We still need more funding to help make the party on July 17th our best yet, so please give generously at the meet.

If you can't attend, or would prefer to donate via Paypal or BACS, please drop me a PM either here or on the UKFur forums. The original thread is here.

Many thanks,
Marcony By Sanluna

Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens

We start with a breif History Lesson:
Long ago when the world was young (About ten years ago) I was fortunate to come across a musical by the name of Saucy Jack And The Space Vixens. The only thing furry about it back then was the name, but it was the most brilliant night out I had ever had. I suggested to the Londonfur Mailing list that they may want to see it and the night of the of the next Londonfurr meet we went to see it. . We went to see it the next week to and pretty much every week from that point till the night it closed. There was a disco after the show which was set in a bar in the very bar in which the audience sat. It became part of the history of the London furrs. It became a legend.

The period in which the show inhabited the purposes built bar in a tunnel under the railway tracks near London Bridge ended a decade ago. There have been other productions of the show since but none to compete with those wonderful nights.
...Until a couple of months ago.

In a bar at the back of a theatre in High Barnet I sat down with a few old friends and watched a production of Saucy jack worthy of the crucifix street days. I wasn't the only one to think so. Since it's creation the writers have let nobody take the show to the Edinburgh Festival unless they were directing. The writers saw this production and told them they had made the grade. That's how good they were.

To go to Edinburgh costs a lot of money. so our intrepid bunch of Space vixens are having a fund raiser. For one night only. Back at Crucifix street with a few extra treats thrown in. Friday 30th April 2010. The Furs are going back to Throtarge III. Care to join me?

Yes that one...

LF Summer Bash

Crossposted from londonwolf's journal:

Just want to say thanks to everyone who dipped their hands in their pockets on Saturday to donate towards the collection for the LF Summer Bash. We raised a frankly awesome £262.90 from attendees!

This means we now have the capital required to lay down the deposit for the particularly superb venue we've found. The committee visited it after the meet and were unanimous in agreeing that it was perfect for our needs.

All being well, now we've got the money in the bank, we'll be signing on the dotted line in the next day or so and then we'll release the info - don't want to be jinxing it before we've got it set in stone.

All you need to know is that you have to keep July 17th free in your diaries, and that you'll need to search out some loud shirts :P

Really enjoyed the meet too - was a little quieter than the previous one but that was unbelievably busy so we're not surprised. We still more than hit the spend required anyway.

We're looking at a couple of bits and pieces for the meets going forward. We've had a few requests to extend them for a couple of hours or so so we're going to look into it and see what the bar think and whether it will alter our current terms with them. We're also looking at putting together a discount food menu with the bar so people don't need to keep bringing their own food in - more on that later too. We're also investigating getting something together to increase the number of helpers at meets - just deciding what we're gonna buy to make them more visible and how much it'll cost.

Your committee certainly doesn't sit still I can tells ya.

Thanks once again for the generous donations. It won't stop there though - we've got the capital for the deposit but we will need more to make the party a byword of awesome. If there's anyone who wants to make a bigger donation then please let me know and we can BACS or Paypal it. We'll find some way of getting you the plaudits you deserve, unless you want to remain an anonymous benefactor of course :)


Side note from me: If anyone has any nifty suggestions about how to theme the lighting for this party, please do. A little while back we had UV stuff which was hugely popular and successful. Any suggestions are welcome, no matter how ludicrous.
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Summer Party Collection this Weekend

Hello all,

The Committee shall be running a collection at the April 3rd meet to raise money for the upcoming Londonfurs Summer Party. We need your generous donations to help cover the cost of what will be a stunning event (remember the 10th Anniversary Party?). We're looking at hiring a dedicated venue for the party, with plenty of room for all of us, but that means we need your help to make it happen! So, please give whatever you can to support your community and, of course, ensure that we have a kick-ass time. smile.gif

If cash isn't your thing, you can donate via Paypal and by BACS - please send me a PM for details.

Londonfurs Committee

Venue Update

Update: we've had a last-minute change of venue for the Sneak Preview cabaret...

So you can catch the last ever public performance of the songs "Yiff!", "Dark Duet" and "The Ultimate Yiff" (along with some others that aren't cut... yet) this Thursday at the Scenic Route Sneak Preview cabaret in London, featuring Adam Alexios Roberts, Jennifer Tanarez, Nadeem Crowe, Jessica Sherman and Will Stokes. Catch it at The Loom Bar and Club, 5 Clipstone Street, London W1W 6BB. Order tickets on 078 1124 8327.
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UPDATED: 9th January Meet - Severe Weather

UK Severe Weather & LondonFurs Meet, Jan 9th

Hello all,

As you may have noticed, the UK is currently experiencing severe weather in the form of snow, ice and freezing temperatures. This is causing disruption to many forms of transport and the Met Office is advising, currently, against any unnecessary travel.

At the time of writing, the 9th January meet is still on as scheduled. However, as conditions may worsen over the next 72 hours, please keep an eye on this thread on the UKFur Forums for any updates on the weather situation. The Committee does not want to cancel the meet unless the case for public safety demands it - so, everybody, think warm thoughts!

Update: 8th January @ 13:58 - just checked with The Saint, everything is still on for tomorrow's meet. Hurrah!

Londonfurs Committee